“Hebrew Israelite” Camps List

This is a partial and incomplete listing. We will add camps and details as we discover them.

1WEST (Messianic, Harlem-School Influenced) CAMPS

Ambassadors of Christ (AOC)
Army of Israel (AOI) – Dayton, Ohio
1-770-580-3258 or 312-715-8042
Brothers United in Christ – defunct/inactive
Future World of Israel (FWOI)
Gathering of Christ Church (GOCC)
Great MillStone Israelites (GMS)
House of David – defunct/inactive (HOD)
House of Israel (HOI) – Zabach1221@yahoo.com
Israel United in Christ (IUIC)
Israelite Church of God in Jesus Christ (ICGJC)
Israelite School of Biblical & Practical Knowledge (ISBPK)
Israelite School of Knowledge (ISOK)
Israelite School of Universal Practical Knowledge (ISUPK)
Lions of Israel / We Got Next (LOI)
Nation of Yahweh
Saints of Thunder (fka Sons of Thunder)
Shut ‘Em Down Crew / RAM Squad (Internet Debate Crew)
Thee Light of Zion
True Nation Israelite congregation – 1-323-446-7655
UKIOC – United Kingdom of Israel (Newport News, Virginia) – https://www.unitedkingdomofisrael.org/
We Got Next (WGN is not a true camp but an ecumenical multi-camp coalition)
Yahawashi’s Servants in Y’Sharael

TANAKH-Only Camps / Congregations
Church of God and Saints of Christ
Commandment Keepers
Torah Knights (Internet Debate Crew)

Messianic / Hebrew Roots & “Hebrew Israelite” Mixture
Absolute Bible Truth (Internet Debate Group)
Beyth’El Temple- 1-617-484-6668
Church of the Living God, the Pillar Ground of Truth for All Nations (F.S. Cherry)
Destined Ministries – Stephen Darby (Louisville, KY)
Huldah Daiu – http://www.herroyalroots.com
Kingdom Harbinger Ministries (Ron “Divine Prospect” Shields) – Atlanta, GA
NOTE: this group and its teacher dub themselves RBG Brews. RBG stands for the African Red, Black and Green. The idea is to combine “Hebrew Israelite” Ideas with elements of the “Conscious Community” and Pan-Africanism.
Nation of Yahweh – Miami, FL
School of the Hebrews at Philadelphia Christian Church – Omar Thibeaux (Lafeyette, LA)
Straitway Truth (Pastor Dowell) – Tennessee
The Way of Yah Synagogue of Yahushah – http://www.thewayofyah.com/
(Pastor Tony Smith)

Chicago-Influenced Messianic
The Israel of God – 1-800-962-4253
Congregation of Israel, Knesset of Jesus (of The Nazarene Messianic Party)

Chicago-Influenced TANAKH-Only

African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem

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